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CSTA Iowa Virtual Meetups

Join CSTA Iowa & ITEC for their second annual collaboration with content you can use in your classroom tomorrow! Elementary Teachers: Marisa Dahl from ITEC and Corey Rogers from CSTA Iowa will share the Seesaw Lessons for Computer Science and how you can use them in your classroom. Secondary Teachers: Tyler Youngers from ITEC and Wren Hoffman & Sabrina Edsen from CSTA Iowa will share how to use Flip (formerly known as Flipgrid) and share ideas for using it with your CS content.

When: January 19 @ 7:00 p.m.

Where: Zoom

Register: Click here to register for free

Visit the CSTA Iowa chapter for more information and supports for Iowa teachers.

A Byte of the Future

This is a great video to watch and share with students on how computer science is changing our world and the numerous career opportunities that are available for all students to pursue.

STEM SCALE-UP Program Menu 2023-2024

Check out this year’s menu of STEM Scale-Up programs! There are many computer science options included!

Call For Classroom Videos

There are so many great computer science opportunities happening in classrooms around the state. We would like to showcase and share all of your hard work with other educators. If you are willing to share a snippet from your classroom, please email your AEA computer science consultant for more information. We are better together!

Hello World’s Big Book of Computing Pedagogy

We love Hello World’s Big Book of Computing Pedagogy so much we have it available to print through your Area Education Agency Creative Services. We were thrilled when the Raspberry Pi Foundation came out with the newest book: Hello World’s The Big Book of Computing Content so we included it too!

Use the Creative Services webpage link to access the catalog if you are interested in ordering. You must be logged in to your account to see the catalog.

These are also available for free downloads:

Hello World’s Big Book of Computing Pedagogy

Hello World’s The Big Book of Computing Content

Free Grab and Go Resources to Celebrate CS Ed Week Anytime of the Year!

There are many great resources which can be used anytime of the year! Visit for:

Try a Finch Robot, Free!

Borrow a Finch Robot 2.0 from BirdBrain Technologies for 60 days, and learn how it can be used to facilitate deep and joyful learning in your Computer Science classroom. Finches can be programmed in Python & Java, as well as several block- and icon-based environments. Try one today!