Copyright Information

It’s easy to copy a DVD or music file, scan an image, transfer digital files, photocopy, stream video, etc. But how do you know if the copying is legal? Check out the resources below to help you understand more about copyright laws and your rights and responsibilities as users of copyrighted information. The teacher version includes the same content for students along with information on digital content and virtual learning, copyright permissions and more.

We wanted to offer several options that will meet your needs in the virtual and physical classroom. You are welcome to link these resources to your school website or LMS.

Copyright BriefNotes for Students

Image of Copyright for Students

Copyright BriefNotes for Students(PDF)

Copyright BriefNotes for Students (Flipbook version)

Copyright BriefNotes for Students & Teachers

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Copyright BriefNotes for Students & Teachers(PDF)

Copyright BriefNotes for Students & Teachers (Flipbook version)