Future Ready

Supports for college, career, and future readiness initiatives include data analysis curriculum support, and opportunities to promote postsecondary readiness and success.

Broad Goals

  1. Increase student ownership and engagement with Iowa Academic standards.
  2. Increase student opportunities along the continuum of work based learning for all Preschool-12 students.


In order to be informed and engaged citizens that are able to independently navigate school, life and be successful in their chosen careers, learners will:

Driver 1 Learner Agency: Develop a sense of ownership and control of their learning by having choice, autonomy, and responsibility in their learning community.

Driver 2 Life Skills: Develop behaviors and skills (non-academic,UC’s and SEL competencies) so they can independently navigate school, work, and life.

Driver 3 Successful Transitions: Explore career pathways by setting goals and taking meaningful actions.

Driver 4 Innovation Mindset: Develop habits that lead them to be creative and innovative.

Driver 5 Rigorous Academic Standards: Master the academic content that enables them to engage with complex issues and ideas.

Iowa AEA Future Ready Leadership Team members:

Tammy Askeland-Nagle, MBAEA Amanda Brink, GPAEA Angela Devorak, HAEA
Bev Berns, KAEA Chuck Buseman, CRAEA Shannon Galbreath, GWAEA
Jen Boyd, GWAEA Kelli Doorenbos, PLAEA Brenda Gerdes, HAEA
Lynn Kilpatrick, GHAEA Stephanie Lane, GHAEA Michelle Ryan, GPAEA
Mark Shea, NWAEA Jen Sigrist, co-lead Katy Evenson, co-lead
David Ford, (PREP) Andrea Stewart, (The Center) Laura Williams, (ALN/ALO)

Collaborative Entites:

Iowa Authentic Learning Network (ALN)
Iowa AEA The Center
AEA Learning Online (ALO)