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Iowa’s Area Education Agencies (AEAs) work collaboratively with local school districts, families, and educators to positively impact the lives of over 519,000 Iowa children, birth through age 21. Our organization is advocating for financial support and policies that provide critical needs for Iowa students including student behavior and mental health well-being, access to equal supports through the AEA. We believe a solid foundation in these areas will position Iowa students for a life well-lived.

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List of Iowa's AEAs Services

Reach out to your local AEA to learn more:

Central Rivers AEA: Joel Petersen
Grant Wood AEA: John Speer
Great Prairie AEA: Nathan Wood
Green Hills AEA: Jason Plourde
Heartland AEA: Cindy Yelick
Keystone AEA: Stan Rheingans
Mississippi Bend AEA: John Speer
Northwest AEA: Dan Cox
Prairie Lakes AEA: Dan Mart

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