Deledao Education

Deledao Education is a state-of-the-art browser-level AI solution that monitors and alerts (in real time) when student web/email activity involves self-harm, drugs or related content. Deledao Education’s AI-powered, cloud-based technology screens through each webpage and email in real time to analyze text, images, and video

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Kevin Kuckkan
Contract # AEPA 021-G

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Contract Info

Cooperative Name AEA Purchasing / AEPA
Contract Name Safety & Security
Contract Number AEPA 021-G
Contract Term Contract and extensions possible through 2/28/25
Marketing Introductory overview video (3:00)
Change the World of Online Instruction (Video, 4:21)
Deledao Intro (PDF)
AI Tech Ensures Devices are Used for Learning
Holistic Web Protection and Digital Well-Being (PDF)
Live Classroom Features (Video)
Categories School Management, Technology
AEPA master Nationally Bid, Locally Awarded. This contract was competitively bid on a national level by AEPA, of which AEA Purchasing is a member. Visit for more information.

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